Thursday, June 9, 2016

You Shall Have the Money

In History of the Church, we read of a time when Joseph Smith lacked the money to pursue a journey. Who did Joseph Smith go to for help?
a.                  Sidney Rigdon
b.                  Lucy Mack Smith
c.                   Brigham Young
d.                  Porter Rockwell
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                  Rhubarb and molasses
This from the journal of Peter Wilson Conover:
I laid the foundation, and got it up to the windows, and then came down with typhoid. I went to the drugstore, bought a bottle of calomel, poured out fifty grains, filled the cup half full of rhubarb, then filled it the rest of the way with molasses, and drank it all.
The doctor thought it would kill me, but I knew what I was doing.

Chronicles of Courage, Daughters of Utah Pioneers (Salt Lake City; Utah Printing Company, 1990) 1:228.

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