Sunday, July 3, 2016

Fresh Out of College

When Harold B. Lee was hired at the Silver Star school near Weston, Idaho, he was hired to do what?
a.                  Be the teacher
b.                  Be the principle
c.                   Be the custodian
d.                  All of the above
Yesterday’s answer:
(D)   Their horses became lame
The following from the journal of Heber C. Kimball dated May 1834 in relation to the travels of Zion’s Camp:
   This night a spy from the enemy attempted to get into our camp but was stopped by the guard. We had our sentinels or guards appointed every night, on account of spies continually harassing us. On this evening there was quite a difficulty between some of the brethren and Sylvester Smith, on occasion of which brother Joseph was called to decide the matter. Finding quite a rebellious spirit in Sylvester Smith, and to some extent in others, he said that they would meet with misfortunes, difficulties and hindrances, "and you will know it before you leave this place"; exhorting them to humble themselves before the Lord and become united, that they might not be scourged. A very singular occurrence took place that night, and the next day concerning our teams. On the following morning when we arose we found almost every horse in the camp so badly foundered that we could scarce lead them a few rods to the water. The brethren then deeply realized the effects of discord. When brother Joseph learned the fact he exclaimed to the brethren, that for a witness that God overruled and had his eye upon them, that all those who would humble themselves before the Lord, should know that the hand of God was in this misfortune, and their horses should be restored to health immediately, and by twelve o'clock the same day the horses were as nimble as ever, with the exception of one of Sylvester Smith's which soon afterwards died.

"Extract from the Journal of Heber C.Kimball," Times and Seasons 2 (1841); 6 (1845)

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