Tuesday, July 26, 2016

He Planted the Wheat, but it Wasn’t His

When Sarah Leavitt and her husband learned that the wheat they planted was on their land, they discovered from their new neighbor that the land belonged to him and that they couldn’t have the wheat. Sarah and her husband went to Joseph Smith. What did Joseph Smith say they should do?
a.                  Leave it
b.                  Burn it
c.                   Harvest and sell it
d.                  Take ½ of it
Yesterday’s answer:
c.   Dipping themselves in cold water
The following is from Heber C. Kimball’s journal of late June 1834 when members, including himself and the Prophet Joseph where afflicted with Cholera.
   After burying these five brethren, or about this time, I was seized by the hand of the destroyer, as I had gone in the woods to pray. I was instantly struck blind, and saw no way whereby I could free myself from the disease, only to exert myself by jumping and thrashing myself about, until my sight returned to me, and my blood began to circulate in my veins. I started and ran some distance, and by this means, through the help of God, I was enabled to extricate myself from the grasp of death. . . .
   From that time the destroyer ceased, having afflicted us about four days. Sixty eight were taken with the disease, of which number fourteen died, the remainder recovered, as we found out an effectual remedy for this disease, which was, by dipping the person afflicted into cold water, or pouring it on him, which had the desired effect of stopping the purging, vomiting, and cramping. Some of the brethren, when they were seized with the disease and began to cramp and purge, the fever raging upon them, desired to be put into cold water and some stripped and plunged themselves into the stream and obtained immediate relief. This led us to try the experiment on others, and in every case it proved highly beneficial and effectual, where it was taken in season.

"Extract from the Journal of Heber C. Kimball," Times and Seasons 2 (1841); 6 (1845)

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