Thursday, July 14, 2016

He Saw it All

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Joseph Smith's first vision
At the time that Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery received the revelation on the three degrees of glory, other men were present. One of those men, Philo Dibble stated that Joseph Smith was wearing black clothes that day, but during the revelation his clothes changed to what color?
a.          Green
b.          Blue
c.           Brown
d.          White
Yesterday’s answer:
a.The Gold Bible
Pomeroy Tucker, the previous owner of the Wayne Sentinel until the paper was purchased by Egbert B. Grandin (the publisher of the Book of Mormon) had this to say about the publishing of the Book of Mormon:
The largest printing job ever done in [Wayne County], was the first edition of Jo Smith’s ‘book of Mormon,’ or the ‘Golden Bible.’”

Frederick Follett, History of the Press of Western New-York (Rochester, N.Y.: Jerome & Brother, Daily American Office, 1847), 64.

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