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How do You Spell Relief

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Members of Zion Camp discovered how to obtain relief from Cholera, what was it?
a.                  Drinking plenty of liquids
b.                  Eating an apple a day
c.                   Dipping themselves in cold water
d.                  Dipping themselves in hot water
Yesterday’s answer:
c.   1887
Pioneer day of 1887 was canceled (even though it was an important one—four decades after the arrival of the Saints to the Salt Lake Valley) due to the failing health of President John Taylor. The only other celebration close to being canceled was that of 1857 when word was brought to Brigham Young that Johnson’s Army was on its way to the Valley. Brigham Young wisely went on with the tenth anniversary celebrations of the Saints arrival to the Salt Lake Valley.
L. John Nuttall Diary Excerpts, Ogden Kraut ed. (Salt Lake City; Pioneer Press, 1994), 144.

The following is more about the 1857 celebration.
     The advance party arrived about 11:00 a.m. over the rough logging road. By late afternoon, nearly all were camped on the flat near shimmering Silver Lake. There were 2,587 persons, 464 carriages and wagons, 1028 horses and mules, and 332 oxen and cows.
     Included were six bands—the Nauvoo Brass Band, Captain Ballo’s Band, the Springville Brass Band, the Ogden City Brass Band, and the Ogden and the Great Salt Lake Martial Bands. Also present were a company of light artillery, four platoons of life guards, one platoon of lancers, and one company of light infantry. At 4:00 p.m. the martial bands serenaded the camp. What melodious echoes must have resounded from the mountains of this natural amphitheater!

Chronicles of Courage, Daughters of Utah Pioneers (Salt Lake City; Utah Printing Company, 1990) 416.

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