Monday, July 18, 2016

Technically, He was the First Bishop in the Church

Who was the first Bishop over a ward in the Church?
a.                  Newell K. Whitney
b.                  Edward Partridge
c.                   Orson Hyde
d.                  George Miller
Yesterday’s answer:
d.   George Watt
It is through the dedicated service of George D. Watt that we have many of the early conference addresses of the Church. George was baptized by Heber C. Kimball on July 30, 1837, served a mission to Scotland where he learned Pittman shorthand, then immigrated to Nauvoo. It’s because of him that we can enjoy the Journal of Discourses today. Even though he taught Pittman shorthand in Nauvoo, he actually didn’t use it until the trial for the accused murderers of Joseph Smith.

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