Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The First to be Sealed in the Twentieth Century

Which couple was the first to be sealed in the Salt Lake Temple in the Twentieth Century
a.                  President and Sister Joseph F. Smith
b.                  Elder and Sister George Albert Smith
c.                   Brother and Sister McKay
d.                  Brother and Sister Spencer W. Kimball
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                  Leave it
The following is from the autobiography of Sarah Leavitt. The Joseph that she mentions is Joseph Smith.
There was an Englishman who bought a farm from Joseph, adjoining ours, and when his land was surveyed, it took in our field of wheat. When the wheat was ripe, my husband took his cradle and went in to cut it. The man, Fox, I think was his name, forbid his cutting the wheat. He said it was on his land and he should have it. My husband went down to Joseph and asked him what he should do. Joseph told him to let Fox have the wheat, but he should be cursed; that the law would bear him out in keeping the wheat, but not to grieve for it, that he (Joseph) would pay him it in flour.
And the curses of God did overtake him so much that he did not live to eat the wheat. He and his wife would brag of their gold and how much money and every good thing they had, that they had enough to last for years. They would take me to her bureau and show me her nice things, but though I was very poor, I did not covet anything she had. Fox said nobody would dare to come around his house to steal his gold, for he had $50,000 in the house. When he told me that, I had a very curious feeling that he had come among the Saints and had brought deadly weapons to defend his gold and his great treasures. I told him he need be under no fear among the Saints, for if they could take his money without his knowing it, they would feel as Moses said, "Thou God seeth me," and to him that has fed and clothed us all of our lives we have got to give an account.
Not long after this we were sent for to his house. He was dying. He did not speak after we went in and soon breathed his last. His goods he had laid up for many years he had to leave behind. How hard it is for those who trust in riches to be saved in the kingdom of God. His wife did not live long after.

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