Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Largest to That Point in Time

I might be asking the obvious, nonetheless, I can’t think of any other way of asking it, but what was the largest print job in Wayne County (Palmyra, New York) at the time of Joseph Smith?
a.          The Wayne Sentinel
b.The Gold Bible
c.           The Pearl of Great Price
d.The Doctrine and Covenants
Yesterday’s answer:
a.Search for their own
   “And as to religion, I would not wish to point any particular form to you; but first I would wish you to search the Scriptures and consult sound reason and see if they (which I take to be two witnesses that stand by the God of the whole earth) are not sufficient to evince to you that religion is a necessary theme. Then I would wish you to study the nature of religion, and see whether it consists in outward formalities, rites and ordinances, save yourselves, or whether there is a necessity of your having help from any other hand than your own.”

Asael Smith of Topsfield, Joseph F. Smith, Jun., from Topsfield Historical Collections, vol. viii.

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