Monday, August 1, 2016

Authenticating the Document

Robert Campbell asked that Utah’s Territorial Governor, Stephen Harding authenticate a document for him. What was the document?
a.                  Robert’s marriage license
b.                  Robert’s copy of the first uncut page of the Book of Mormon from the Grandin Print shop
c.                   His release from jail for polygamy
d.                  His minister’s license
Yesterday’s answer:
C   Smoke
The following from the autobiography of Sarah Leavitt:
We soon arrived at the Bluffs where we found some of our friends, Sister Adams, William Snow and his wife Lydia. I don't remember how many others. Sister Adams and Lydia were both sick, and after a long and severe sickness, they both died. We could get no house and had to camp out. This was in November, 1846. I soon took the chills and fever again.
The boys made a camp of hay and I crawled into it, glad to get any place of shelter. I had to live there while they built a house and suffered very much for want of proper food and with the cold, as we could have no fire in a hay camp. There was the place that the disorder started in my head that has troubled me ever since. I had a pain in my head that was very severe. I had smoked for eight years before I believed the gospel, and when I believed, before I had seen the Doctrine and Covenants, or heard of an elder, something told me I had better leave off smoking. I obeyed that still small voice and left off smoking for eight years. When I had this pain in my head, I thought if I would smoke, perhaps it would relieve my head. I rolled some tobacco up in a paper and smoked it. It stopped the pain. I continued to do so every time the pain came on. At last I sent and got a pipe and have used one ever since.
I don't know whether I did right or not, but I am sure the anger of the Lord is not kindled against me, for I confess His hand in all things and try to keep His commandments.

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