Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Embraced by Adam and the Savior

According to Vilate Kimball, wife of Heber C. Kimball, she states that Joseph Smith saw in vision the Quorum of the Twelve and that they were met and embraced by the Savior and Adam. Where did she say that this event took place?
a.                  Prior to the Twelve leaving on their 1st 1835 mission to the east
b.                  In 1837 in England during the 1st British mission
c.                   At the Celestial City
d.                  In 1839 enroute to England during the 2nd British mission
Yesterday’s answer:
b.   To hear more of the gospel preached to him
The following from the autobiography of George Laub:
   So I heard Brother Snow, Brother Deem, and Brother Downing. I then commenced searching the scriptures and found the same as I had heard from them. I then prayed that I might understand the truth. I prayed often and my memory was strengthened and I had my understanding opened to the truth but dare not leave. My old parents know of the mind that was in me for they were against the Latter-day Saints. But I oft times would go to see them and ask of them for knowledge and I would read the scripture till nine and ten o'clock at night and rise in the morning at three and four (for I was at home then). They then told me they thought I was getting to be crazy but I knew how crazy I was, for I heard truth and I was crazy for more. I then was able to advocate the cause fully. So then I forsook the Methodist and my good name and went forth and I was baptized by James Downing. I rejoiced greatly.

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