Monday, August 29, 2016

His Many Accomplishments

Franklin D. Richards
Franklin Dewey Richards accomplished much in his life, diving in deep in both church and civic affairs. He was reagent to what university?
a.                  The University of Utah
b.                  University of Deseret
c.                   Brigham Young Academy
d.                  LDS University
Yesterday’s answer:
c.   His household chores
From the life of Heber J. Grant:   Even in his boyhood Jeddy began to show business “smarts”. He blacked boots for his mother’s boarders at a nickel a pair. He became an expert marble player and won so many marbles that he could hire other boys to do his household chores. He wanted to see the plays at the Salt Lake Theatre but was unable to afford a ticket, so he worked there carrying water to patrons in the balcony.
Jeddy began doing accounting in an insurance office at age fifteen. After hours he made greeting cards as a sideline, sometimes making more money on the cards than on his regular job. He also did bookkeeping for a bank and several other companies. By age twenty he was selling insurance and had his fingers in several business ‘pies’. Because of his confidence and business savvy, the men with whom he worked seemed unaware of his youth.

Judy Fraser, Did You Know . . . Hidden Treasures from Church History (Orem, Utah: Granite Publishers, 1996), 19.

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