Monday, August 8, 2016

His Wife Wasn’t So Sure

Sometimes individuals will come out with ideas that we might not be entirely convinced, but with time we realize that it did work. Pioneer, Charles Lamb was not much different. He received an eye injury. It came to him what he needed to do to repair the eye. What did he tell his wife to do with his injured eye?
a.                  Keep it propped open with a tooth pick
b.                  Place a steak over it
c.                   Pour in sour juice and grapes
d.                  Have his wife punch him in the good eye
Yesterday’s answer:
c.   16
The following refers to the number of other businesses and churches within the Thirteenth Ward boundaries in Salt Lake City in the 1800s:
     Early in the 1870s the ward also contained a billiard parlor, eight liquor taverns, and another eight saloons that served beer. Five hotels catered primarily to the gentile trade, while Methodists, Episcopalians, and Catholics each had a church within ward boundaries.

Minutes of Bishops’ Meetings, 1 September 1870, Presiding Bishopric Papers.

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