Friday, August 12, 2016

It Led him to the Church

John R. Winder
John R. Winder would join the Church and eventually become a counselor to Joseph F. Smith. What led Brother Winder to the Church?
a.          The missionaries
b.          The Book of Mormon
c.           A note on the cobbler’s floor with three words, “Latter-day Saints”
d.         An anti-Mormon preacher
Yesterday’s answer:
a.The persecution the Saints were receiving
Daniel H. Wells eventually became a Counselor to Brigham Young, however, during the Nauvoo years of the Church he was not a member, but a very good friend to the Saints. It was while he was living at Nauvoo that the following story took place:
Daniel Wells became very upset by the fact that his two friends, Joseph and Hyrum Smith were killed. Squire Wells became more outraged when the mob broke a pact and invaded Nauvoo. It was during this time that he was baptized into the Church on August 9, 1846. His wife was completely against his baptism and refused to leave Nauvoo at the time Daniel left for the Salt Lake Valley.

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