Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Application was Denied

Which future church member applied to join their parent’s Congregational Church as a teenager, but was denied?
a.                  Willard Richards
b.                  Hyrum Smith
c.                   Lorenzo Young
d.                  Lorenzo Snow
Yesterday’s answer:
c.   Pour in sour juice and grapes
The following from the journal of Charles Lamb:
   I had a house at the west end of St. Joseph, the brethren used to call it the Mormon Tavern as many used to stay there when they used to come there to trade. One day as I was passing down the street a man came out of a grog shop and in throwing a tumbler glass at another struck me on the cheek bone. I never had such a blow, it was night to my right eye, and then emptied his pistol. It was almost a miracle how I escaped. My eye was weak. Before that I suffered mush with it; indeed I could not see but very little. I prayed what to do and it was presented to me that if I had some sour juice or grapes put in my eye my wife had in the home, it would do me good. I got out of bed, lay me on my back on the floor. She was afraid but I told her all right. The next morning I could see and went out without binding it up.

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