Thursday, August 18, 2016

Worse, the Same, or Better

How does Church meeting attendance and tithe paying compare from the 1870’s to today?
a.                  It was worse
b.                  It is about the same
c.                   It was better
Yesterday’s answer:
c.   At the Celestial City
The following from the Journal of Vilate Kimball, the wife of Heber C. Kimball:
   The temple was finished and dedicated on the 27th of March, 1836. It was a season of great rejoicing indeed, to the Saints, and great and marvelous were the manifestations and power in the Lord's house. Here I will relate a vision of the Prophet concerning the Twelve Apostles of this dispensation, for whose welfare his anxiety had been very great.
   He saw the Twelve going forth, and they appeared to be in a far distant land; after some time they unexpectedly met together, apparently in great tribulation, their clothes all ragged and their knees and feet sore. They formed into a circle, and all stood with their eyes fixed on the ground. The Savior appeared and stood in their midst and wept over them, and wanted to show himself to them, but they did not discover him.
   He saw until they had accomplished their work and arrived at the gate of the celestial city. There Father Adam stood and opened the gate to them, and as they entered he embraced them one by one, and kissed them. He then led them to the throne of God, and then the Savior embraced each of them in the presence of God. He saw that they all had beautiful heads of hair and all looked alike. The impression this vision left on Brother Joseph's mind was of so acute a nature, that he never could refrain from weeping while rehearsing it.

Edward W. Tullidge, The Women of Mormondom (New York, 1877), pp. 104-115.

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