Friday, August 19, 2016

You’d Swear it was a Preachers Convention

During the November 1838 trail of Joseph Smith and his other fellow in-mates, how many  preachers were in attendance at the proceedings?
a.                  37
b.                  15
c.                   20
d.                  42
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                  It was worse
Stats of a typical LDS ward during the 1870’s:
Approximately 180 families within the ward boundaries
90 Plus families “perfectly indifferent” to church activity
30% of ward pays tithing
30% attend one or more meetings on any given Sunday
Only 10-15% of ward attended Sacrament meeting (far below the current 43% in the Church)

Minutes of the Bishops’ Meetings. 1 September 1870, Presiding Bishopric Papers.

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