Saturday, September 24, 2016

Did He Have His Picture Taken?

There are those that believe Joseph Smith had a picture taken of himself prior to his death. True or False, did he have his picture taken?

Yesterday’s answer:
(A)     Emma’s father
Emma’s [Smith] father, Isaac [Hale], recalled that soon after the couple arrived at his home, “I was informed they had brought a wonderful book of Plates down with them. I was shown a box in which it is said they were contained.” When Isaac Hale learned, however, that he could not then see the plates, he insisted of Joseph, “If there was anything in my house of that description, which I could not be allowed to see, he must take it away; if he did not, I was determined to see it.” Joseph then kept the plates hidden in the woods to protect them until he and Emma moved into their own home shortly before Martin Harris came to assist Joseph as a scribe.

Glenn Rawson and Dennis Lyman ed., The Mormon Wars (American Fork, Utah: Covenant Communication, 2014), 3-4.

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