Wednesday, September 7, 2016

It Was Not a Priesthood Project

Which one activity below was not a priesthood project in the St. George area of Utah?
a.                  Helping to construct the temple
b.                  Living the United Order
c.                   Making wine
d.                  Snow removal at the temple and meeting houses
Yesterday’s answer:
(D)   At the hayfield
Isaac Mitton Stewart   Born 14 Mar. 1815:  Bishop Isaac Stewart was working in the hay field when he was approached by Lauritz Smith and told that his children had diphtheria. He asked Isaac if he could come to his home and administer to them. Isaac said “Let us not wait until we get to your home.” He put a pile of hay in the shade of a tree and said “let us pray here.” The Bishop offered a most appealing prayer to God in behalf of the affected children. “Now let us hurry to your children.” Upon arriving at the house they found with great delight that Mary, whom the midwife had predicted would die within two hours, had slipped out of bed and was on the floor playing with her toys.

John and Gwendolyn Bushman, Remembering Our Family (Orem, Utah, 2014).

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