Monday, September 19, 2016

So Soon!

Elder Edward Stevenson
In 1870, Elder Edward Stephenson found himself in front of Brigham Young reporting his recently completed mission to the states. At the conclusion of the meeting, Brigham Young called him to another mission. What was the mission?
a.                  Mission President over the Eastern States mission
b.                  Proselyting mission to Russia
c.                   Temple mission to Kirtland
d.                  To bring Martin Harris to Utah
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                  Build a canal and float the stones on barges
Before the railway came, what was the solution to speed up the transportation of granite?
It was finally decided to construct a canal from the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon to Salt Lake City, and to float the great stones to the Temple on barges rather than to haul them with ox teams.  The canal was begun but, before many miles were constructed, the Saints received assurance that a transcontinental railway would be built through Salt Lake City.

William Edwin Berrett, The Restored Church (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 1973), 373.

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