Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Bishop’s Prayer

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Early Bishop of the Church, Isaac Stewart was informed in a hayfield that one of his children was very sick. The Bishop healed his child through a prayer. Where was the prayer offered?
a.                  In the child’s room
b.                  In the temple
c.                   At the temple
d.                  At the hayfield
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                  Drawing his name from a box
William Whittaker Taylor, son of President John Taylor:   At the death of Albert P. Rockwood, the question arose as to who should be appointed to fill the vacancy made by his departure in the First council of Seventies. The presidents in attendance at a certain meeting mentioned various names, and as they did not readily unite upon any one, President Joseph Young, who had favored the selection of Wm. W. Taylor for the position, suggested that all the names be written on separate slips of paper and be placed in a box, and that one of the brethren should draw each slip separately, while he should sit with his back to the box; and when the slip should be drawn that the spirit indicated held the name that should be selected, he would mention it. Seymour B. Young drew the slips without, of course, giving any indication as to the name written upon each. One slip was drawn. The response from President Joseph Young was “Go on.” Another was drawn, with the same response. A third was drawn, and Brother Seymour B. Young was told he need not draw any more, for that was the right one. An examination of the paper disclosed the name of Wm. W Taylor, and those present agreed to his nomination, and it was afterwards agreed to by all the authorities and sustained at the general conference. Consequently, Elder Taylor was ordained and set apart as one of the First Seven Presidents of Seventies.

Andrew Jenson, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia (Salt Lake City: Publishers Press, 1901) 1: 200.

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