Monday, September 5, 2016

The Calling of William W. Taylor

What was the process that determined that the son of President John Taylor, William Whittaker Taylor, be called to the Quorum of the Seventy?
a.                  Drawing his name from a box
b.                  The angel Moroni visited John Taylor and indicated that his son was to be called
c.                   Through a ballot by Church members
d.                  Meeting for hours until all of the general authorities were convinced
Yesterday’s answer:
c.   That he would die
G.A. Smith advised P.P. Pratt not to go to Arkansas but to go direct to Salt Lake, [and] take care of himself. He told Parley if he went to try to protect Eleanor and her children, he would lose his life. But he did not take care of himself or take G.A. Smith’s counsel, but went to Arkansas and was murdered by Mr. McClain.

Ogden Kraut, Wilford Woodruff’s Journal Excerpts (Genola, Utah: Pioneer Publishing), 109.

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