Friday, September 2, 2016

When He First Met His Wife

There are certain days in our lives that we don’t forget. One of these days is the first time we met our future spouses. When did Heber C. Kimball first meet his future spouse?
a.                  When he baptized her
b.                  When he taught her the gospel
c.                   At a dance
d.                  When he blessed her as an infant
Yesterday’s answer:
(A)               That the Saints would come back and build temples
Brigham Young promised the Saints as they were packing to abandon Nauvoo and their temple, “We shall come back here and we shall . . . build [temples] all over the continent of North America.”

Brigham Young discourse, 2 January 1846. Quoted in H. Whitney, A Woman’s View, 312-13.

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