Saturday, October 29, 2016

A Celebration of all Celebrations

As mandated, what was to happen for 15 minutes on Monday, January 6, 1896, the day Utah became a State?
a.                  The ringing of bells and blowing of steam whistles
b.                  15 minutes of silence
c.                   Family prayer
d.                  Singing in the streets
Yesterday’s answer:
b.   1835 in the Messenger and Advocate
The Angel Moroni stated the following to Joseph Smith: “Those who kept the commandments of the Lord on this land, through the prayer of faith obtained the promise, that if their descendants should transgress and fall away, a record should be kept and in the last days come to their children. These things are sacred, and must be kept so, for the promise of the Lord concerning them must be fulfilled. No man can obtain them if his heart is impure, because they contain that which is sacred; and besides, should they be entrusted to unholy hands the knowledge could not come to the world, because they cannot be interpreted by the learning of this generation; consequently they would be considered of no worth, only as precious metal. Therefore, remember, that they are to be translated by the gift and power of God. By them will the Lord work a great and a marvelous work: the wisdom of the wise shall become as naught, and the understanding of the prudent shall be hid, and because the power of God shall be displayed those who profess to know the truth but walk in deceit, shall tremble with anger; but with signs and with wonders, with gifts and with healings, with the manifestations of the power of God, and with the Holy Ghost, shall the hearts of the faithful be comforted. You have beheld the power of God manifested and the power of Satan: and you see that there is nothing that is desirable in the works of darkness; that they cannot bring happiness; that those who are overcome therewith are miserable, while on the other hand the righteous are blessed with peace in the kingdom of God where joy unspeakable surrounds them. . .” Note: It may be said by the skeptical, however, that no one knew of the existence of this prophecy in the boyhood days of Joseph Smith, except his immediate family and friends: and the predictions may have been put forth after Joseph Smith began to emerge from that obscurity which makes the prediction remarkable. A very natural and well taken objection. But the account of the predictions, with the predictions themselves, were published in the Latter-day Saints’ Messenger and Advocate for October, 1835: at a time when Joseph Smith had but little notoriety even in his own country; when his message had not been heard of in other countries (save Canada, and even there to a very limited extent): and when the Book of Mormon was published only in the English language and quite generally ridiculed and rejected. Under these circumstances, and going no further back than the date of the predictions appearing in print—October, 1835—they still constitute a remarkable prophecy.

B. H. Roberts, A Comprehensive History of the Church (Brigham Young University Press: Provo, Utah, 1965), Vol. 1, 79 and note on pg. 80.

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