Sunday, October 16, 2016

He Knew What he Was Talking About

Part of Joseph Smith’s political platform during the 1844 Presidential campaign was to free the slaves by the Government paying the slave owners for their slaves. The estimated cost of this was $2 Billion. As expensive as this may sound, it was far cheaper than what?
a.                  The Civil War
b.                  The separation of the southern states
c.                   The crash in the global economy created by cheap American cotton flooding foreign markets
d.                  The increasing slave mortality rates
Yesterday’s answer:
(D)   Heber J. Grant
From the life of Heber J. Grant:   Jeddy had many strong character traits and was doggedly determined to succeed in his business dealings, so it’s interesting that in his youth he was sometimes underestimated by his church leaders.
When Jeddy’s bishop offered to buy his mother a new roof out of fast offering funds she declined. She proudly told the bishop that her son would build her a new home when he grew up. The bishop guffawed at that, saying that if she were to wait for Jeddy to do so, she would wait forever. After all, her son was the laziest boy in the ward! When at age twenty-one Jeddy had that home built for her, he invited the bishop to offer the dedicatory prayer. He also thanked the bishop for his earlier comments. These, he said, had stimulated him to build the home more quickly than he might have done without that goad. The bishop apologized and declared Jeddy the hardest worker in the ward. He had come to love his young friend.

Judy Fraser, Did You Know . . . Hidden Treasures from Church History (Orem, Utah: Granite Publishers, 1996), 20.

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