Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I Saw You In My Dreams

In 1889 Oscar Mower served a mission to Mississippi. While knocking on doors, Oscar was invited in by one individual that stated he saw Oscar in his dream and that Oscar gave him something. What was it that Oscar gave him?
a.                   A CTR ring
b.                  A gold bible
c.                   His ministerial certificate
d.                  Baptismal clothes
Yesterday’s answer:
(B)   Kill a white man instead
The following from Brigham Young:
     June 15, 1851: I wish to state one item here which concerns you seriously, and that is concerning the Indians here. They are ignorant have been taught to steal and kill from their childhood and those who could do the most of it were considered the greatest braves and chiefs as soon as they begin to steal. Here many of you want them killed. Compare their circumstances with your own. You are taught from your cradles not to steal or kill as it is a great crime. Now, do you kill a white man as soon as he steals? Weigh the subject well. Those who wish them killed for stealing a horse, reduce themselves far below the Indian. You love them as well as I do, but when the curse is taken off, they will again be fit for society. But while they are in their degraded state, it rests upon us to use wisdom and judgment in their behalf. I say to the Saints, kill every white man you see stealing and not kill the Indian for it, for the white man knows better.

Ogden Kraut, Wilford Woodruff’s Journal Excerpts (Genola, Utah: Pioneer Publishing), 52-3.

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