Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ira Ames’ Conversion

What was it that got Ira Ames interested in the LDS Church?
a.                  The missionaries
b.                  The published anti-Mormon letters of Ezra Booth
c.                   Ward basketball
d.                  The anti-Mormon preaching of his minister
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                  As an Elias
Moroni appears to have had two areas of responsibility. His first area was the stewardship over the Gold Plates, which contained the fullness of the gospel. It was Moroni who delivered the plates to Joseph Smith, appeared to the three witnesses to show them the plates, and allowed Mary Whitmer to view the plates. It is the Angel Moroni who took the plates from Joseph after the first 116 pages were lost; and likewise, it was Moroni who returned the plates to Joseph and assured him “that the Lord loved me for my faithfulness and humility.”
The second focus of Moroni was as an “Elias,” or one who prepares the way. It was Moroni who quoted the prophecies of the restoration of all things from the Bible. Moroni also met regularly with Joseph and instructed him on the great work that was about to come forth. Moroni did not restore any keys, but he did instruct young Joseph in the “restoration of all things.” It was Moroni who taught Joseph, and thus began preparing him to receive the keys of this dispensation.

Palmyra & Nauvoo Study Guide (Provo, Utah: Brigham Young University), 15.

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