Monday, October 24, 2016

Moroni’s Two Areas of Responsibility

Moroni’s first responsibility was stewardship over the gold plates, what was his second area of responsibility?
a.                  As an Elias
b.                  As a Moses
c.                   As the keeper of the Sword of Laban
d.                  As an instigator to destroy all Lamanites
Yesterday’s answer:
c.   Independence, Missouri
The famous western explorer and scout who established Ft. Bridger in Wyoming was buried here [Independence, Missouri] in 1881 in Mt. Washington Cemetery. Brigham Young and the first company of Mormons going west stopped at Ft. Bridger and met Bridger in June, 1847.

R. Don Oscarson, The Travelers’ Guide To Historic Mormon America, (Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, Inc, 1965), 68.

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