Sunday, October 2, 2016

Not Very Long

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At an 1852 conference of the Church, Heber C. Kimball stated that they would be calling men on missions that will not be very long. What was his definition of a not very long mission?
a.                  6 to 12 months
b.                  3 to 7 years
c.                   2 to 3 years
d.                  1 to 4 years
Yesterday’s answer:
(A)                 James Arlington Bennet
James Arlington Bennet was Joseph Smith’s first choice as Vice Presidential running mate in 1844.  Bennet did join the church in 1843, but his motives were not founded on faith.  He had this to say about his baptism:
My baptism was a mere “frolic in the clear blue ocean.”

Emma Smith referred to James Arlington Bennet in 1870 as:
. . .the “old arch hypocrite.”

Emma Smith to Joseph Smith III, 21 January 1870, Chicago Historical Society

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