Thursday, October 13, 2016

Saltair Was Everything it Said and More

Saltair Resort
The Saltair resort, constructed in 1893 over the waters of the Great Salt Lake (1 mile from shore), was extreme for its time. Even by today’s standards it was considered a mammoth of a building. How many square feet was it on the main level?
a.                  31,000
b.                  131,000
c.                   331,000
d.                  431,000
Yesterday’s answer:
(B)   A gold bible
The following from the life of Oscar Middleton Mower:   In November 1889, he left for a mission to the Southern States, and was assigned to the Mississippi Conference. He had prepared himself for his work in the organizations at home, and was fully prepared to teach the gospel to the people of the world. One day in his travels, he came to the home of Angus McDonald, who told him he had come to him in a dream. He welcomed him into his home, and told him that in his dream he had been told that when he came to his door, he would be a true missionary of Christ, and would teach him the gospel, also show him a golden bible.
   Elder Mower taught him the gospel and told him the story of the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, how it was translated from Gold Plates by the Prophet Joseph Smith. He then took his Book of Mormon from his grip and handed it to Mr. McDonald, who exclaimed, “This is the very book you handed me in my dream.” He became converted and was baptized into the church. He became a strong defender of the gospel. Later, he married and came to Utah.

Biography of Oscar Middleton Mower, Permission granted by Julie Davies Hillman (Great-great- maternal granddaughter of Oscar Middleton Mower)

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