Sunday, October 30, 2016

Samuel Roskelley’s Attraction to the Church

All converts have their reasons for joining the church. What attracts one might not be the attraction for another. What attracted Brother Roskelley to the Church in 1851?
a.                  Their treats at firesides
b.                  Their singing
c.                   The BYU football team
d.                  Their green jello and carrots
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                  The ringing of bells and the blowing of steam whistles
Program for the announcement that Utah is a State:   The proclamation by President Cleveland and the inauguration of our state officers will mark an epoch in our political life, and it proposed that the event should be fittingly commemorated. With this thought in mind, the undersigned were designated by our citizens as an executive committee to take the proper steps for a fitting celebration of the event and an appropriate inauguration of the officers of the new State. We therefore respectfully suggest to the people of Utah:
   That upon the receipt of the news of the issuance of the President’s proclamation at our State Capital, the National Guard of Utah fire an appropriate salute;
   That thereupon, all the steam whistles be blown, that all the bells of the city be rung, the street car gongs be sounded, and appropriate manifestations of joy be made for the period of fifteen minutes; that in each city and hamlet of the State, upon the receipt of the news of the Presidential Proclamation, steam whistles be blown and all bells be rung.
   That Inauguration Day, the same being Monday, January 6, 1896, be made, by common consent, a State holiday, and that all our citizens miss work upon that day and join in celebrating the advent of Utah to the Union. That at Salt Lake City, the following program of ceremonies be observed:
8 a.m.—Ringing of all bells and sounding of all steam whistles in the city.
11 a.m.—Grand parade under direction of the National Guard of Utah.
12 o’clock, noon—Exercises at the Tabernacle:
1.                  Music
2.                  Prayer by President Woodruff.
3.                  Music.
4.                  Administration of oaths of office to the state officers by Chief Justice Merritt.
5.                  Inaugural address by Governor Wells.
6.                  Music.
7.                  Benediction by Dr. T.C. Iliff.
Evening, Inaugural Ball at Salt Lake Theater.
   We respectfully urge that all business places be decorated. And we suggest that in addition to the inaugural program at Salt Lake City, appropriate ceremonies be held throughout the State.

Chronicles of Courage, Lesson Committee (Salt Lake City: Talon Printing, 1996) Vol. 7: 15.

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