Monday, October 3, 2016

The Argument For

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In his book “The Comprehensive History of the Church,” B. H. Roberts states his argument for the reality of the First Vision. What is his argument?
a.                  The fact that Joseph never changed his story
b.                  The fact that Lucy Mack Smith notes that her son had a huge maturity change in one day
c.                   The fact that Joseph Smith Sr. states in his journal that he saw a strange light in the trees bordering his property as he was working in his fields
d.                  The number of years between the first and second manifestations
Yesterday’s answer:
(B)   3 to 7 years
Take note of how long a “not very long mission” is:
     In August of 1852, . . . a special conference was held in the old tabernacle on this square. President Heber C. Kimball opened by saying:
     “We have come together today, according to previous appointment, to hold a special conference to transact business, a month earlier than usual, inasmuch as there are elders to be selected to go to the missions of the earth, and they want an earlier start than formerly. . . .
     “The missions we will call for during this conference are, generally, not to be very long ones; probably from three to seven years will be as long as any man will be absent from his family.”

Joseph I. Earl Family History, p. 1.

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