Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Try This Instead

It’s general knowledge that Brigham Young didn’t mince words. He meant what he said and he was very open with what he saw. So, for those that thought natives should be killed for stealing, what was his advice?
a.                  Go ahead, kill them
b.                  Kill a white man instead
c.                   Turn the other cheek
d.                  Steal back
Yesterday’s answer:
(C)   Have God strike him blind
Joseph commenced laying before him the coming forth of the work, and the first principles of the Gospel, when Mr. Hayden exclaimed, “O this is not the evidence I want, the evidence that I wish to have is a notable miracle; I want to see some powerful manifestation of the power of God, I want to see a notable miracle performed; and if you perform such a one, then I will believe with all my heart and soul, and will exert all my power and all my extensive influence to convince others; and if you will not perform a miracle of this kind, then I am your worst and bitterest enemy.” “Well,”” said Joseph, “what will you have done? Will you be struck blind, or dumb? Will you be paralyzed, or will you have one hand withered? Take your choice, choose which you please, and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ it shall be done.”

Ed J. Pinegar, A Prophet’s Voice (American Fork, Utah: Covenant Communication Inc., 2005), 124-25.

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