Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Curious About Utah

Chicago's World Fair ferris wheel
The Utah exhibit at the 1893 Chicago World Fair was very well attended. What did most people go to the exhibit to see?
a.                  Pictures of the Salt Lake Temple
b.                  To discover what Mormons do inside the temple
c.                   To see what a Mormon looked like
d.                  To see objects float in water from the Great Salt Lake
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                   The minister of the congregation arose and bore testimony to the truthfulness of what Elder Bowsley taught
The following from the life of Henry Mower (Born December 18, 1798): While he was laboring as a Campbellite preacher, a Mormon elder by the name of William Bowsley came to see him and asked permission to preach in his church. He told him he might use his church and he might also preach to his congregation. A large crowd greeted the Elders with much curiosity. They listened intently to the sermon, and wondered what he would say at the close. Imagine their surprise when their pastor arose and bore testimony to the truthfulness of what they had heard. Henry invited the Elders to his home and from then on, he and his dearly loved wife and family learned more of the beauties of this glorious new Gospel, just restored. An undying testimony of the truthfulness of it was given to him, and he applied for baptism.
He resigned his position as Campbellite preacher. The day he was baptized, many of his congregation walked twenty one miles to see him baptized. They surely felt bad to think their minister had been so misled. His family also joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They were very desirous to being near the main body of the church, so, with all his family excepting Mahala, he moved within four miles of Springfield, Illinois.

Biography of Henry Mower, This history was compiled by Ella Mower Cragun, granddaughter in the year of 1945, Permission granted by Julie Davies Hillman

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