Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Extracting the Indians Tooth

Prior to Willard Dick Richards becoming a dentist, he was a cowboy. How does one go from cowboy to dentist? His interest was piqued the day he extracted an Indians molar that came to the ranch he was working on. What did Willard use to extract the tooth?
a.                  Pliers
b.                  Hot tongs from the fire
c.                   A string and his horse
d.                  A bullet mold
Yesterday’s answer:
b.   A group from New York City
In reference to the sailing ship Brooklyn:   They sailed on February 4, 1846, coincidentally the same day that the Saints left Nauvoo. Seventy men, sixty-eight women, and one hundred children. Lived in cramped quarters with low ceilings where only the children could stand upright. Most suffered from sea sickness. Storms in the Atlantic blew them almost to the Cape Verde Islands off the coast of Africa. Storms battered them around the Horn. Scurvy was prevalent and the water supply dwindled as they beat north for Valparaiso, Chile. Gale winds blew them back into Antarctic waters and out to the Juan Fernandez Islands, made famous by Defoe in Robinson Crusoe. Here, Laura Goodwin, mother of seven, was buried at Mas A Tiera with the first Mormon service ever held in the Southern Hemisphere. She had been thrown down a hatchway in a storm and died of her injuries. After five days’ respite, they set said for the Sandwich Isles (Hawaii).

Chronicles of Courage, Lesson Committee (Salt Lake City: Talon Printing, 1997), 8: 24.

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