Monday, November 7, 2016

He was a Visionary Man

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Joseph Smith Sr. and Joseph Smith the Prophet
Prior to the restoration of the gospel, Joseph Smith Sr. experienced visions. One such vision was a close replica of which prophet?
a.                  Lehi
b.                  Nephi
c.                   Lemuel
d.                  Jacob
Yesterday’s answer:
c.   The voice of the Lord
From the life of Heber Jeddy Grant:   When his wife, Lucy Stringham, to whom he was married in St. George, Nov. 1, 1877, died, some years ago, he received a manifestation from the Lord in direct answer to his prayer. His wife was one of the noble daughters of God, a woman of excellent character, sweet disposition, and a judgment in business affairs which was no small factor in Heber’s early financial success. While she was dying, her daughter Lucy, then a little over twelve years of age, insisted that the father should administer to the mother and heal her—such was the child’s faith. “I sent my children out of the room,” he told me, “and pleaded with the Lord to give some special manifestation that in the death of my wife His will would be done. I told Him that I acknowledged His hand in life or in death, in prosperity or in adversity, but that I lacked strength to see my wife die and have it affect the faith of my children in the ordinances of the gospel.” Shortly thereafter, his wife died, and when he then called the children into the room, his daughter Lucy, putting her arms around the necks of her younger sisters, and also her little brother, told them not to cry, because the voice of the Lord had told her: “In the death of your mamma, the will of the Lord will be done.” As the child knew nothing of the fathers’ prayer, it is evident the answer came from God to her in answer thereto, a fact which Brother Grant considers a special manifestation of the Lord’s goodness to him, and which he declares he will ever remember with gratitude and thanksgiving.

Andrew Jenson, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia (Salt Lake City: Publishers Press, 1901) 1:150.

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