Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Sunday school Mine

Knightsville, Utah
Why was Jesse Knight’s mine, the Humbug Mine (Tintic, Utah), referred to by competing mines as the Sunday school mine?
a.                  The miners had Sunday school class before going to work on Sunday
b.                  The mine was closed down on Sunday
c.                   Because of the acoustics, this was a great place to have church
d.                  10% was taken from each miners paycheck before they received it
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                  Football
The following article was printed in the Deseret News on November 30, 1896:   Next week another game of football will be played between the University [of Utah] and Brigham Young Academy teams. There has been some doubt as to whether the Brigham Young Academy students would play anymore. The following letter from President Cluff of the Academy explains the matter:
Provo City, Utah, November 25, 1896
Manager Foot Ball Team, Brigham Young Academy
Dear Brother:
In answer to yours of recent date asking whether or not the game of football will be permitted among the students of the Academy, and in which you express a desire to be in harmony with the view of President Cannon and other members of the board, I will say that your letter was submitted to President Cannon with an explanatory letter from me. His reply, which is not before me, shows that while he is not adverse to any game that gives recreation and promotes better physical development, he is strongly opposed to the barbarous and brutal way in which some of these games are played.  
After due consideration by members of the faculty in which Supt. Karl G. Maeser and President C. W. Penrose took part, the following conclusion was unanimously adopted: There will be no objection to your playing football upon your assurance to us that the games can and will be played without that roughness and brutality which is dangerous alike to life and limb. The faculty, however, reserves the right to prohibit this, or indeed any game, when such is shown to be dangerous to the players.
Trusting this will be satisfactory to you, I remain very respectfully,
B. Cluff, Jr.  

Chronicles of Courage, Lesson Committee (Salt Lake City: Talon Printing, 1997), 8: 35.

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