Saturday, December 3, 2016

Folklore has It

Folklore has it that Brigham Young kept what in his shed?
a.                  The gold plates
b.                  Laban's sword
c.                   A carriage loaded and ready to return to Jackson County, Missouri
d.                  A one year supply of food
Yesterday’s answer:
(C)   A blessing
The man walked, head bowed. He had a lot on his mind. Thousands of miles from his congregation in New York, he strolled the streets of Salt Lake City. The minister had come to Utah to speak. Famous for his affirmative outlook, he wanted to encourage those who were downhearted and to lift them. He had spoken all over the United States. Yet this time, despite all the principles he taught and practiced, he himself needed lifting. He grappled with a problem that, no matter how he turned it around in his mind, seemed to defy solution. Peace eluded him.
   The pastor’s friend had invited him to meet the LDS Church Presidency. This clergyman had met other presidents, but not the current one. As he walked to the meeting he was preoccupied with his inner concerns and he prayed silently for guidance.
   As he was ushered into the church presidency’s office, the pastor was pleased with the cordiality of these men. A very spiritual man himself, he felt that he was a good judge of character. He felt that these men were certainly men of God. The time went quickly and pleasantly for the pastor as they visited. At the close of the conversation he realized how close he felt before. He sensed what a deeply spiritual man this was, how deeply loving and concerned for others. Suddenly he wanted to reach out to him and ask the help he needed at that time.
   “President, will you bless me?”
   The prophet may have been startled, but if so he didn’t show it.
   “You mean you want me to give you a blessing such as I give our people?”
   The prophet of God came around behind his new friend. He and his counselors placed their hands upon the man’s head. In his quiet, sincere, loving manner, the prophet gave the pastor a blessing. He asked the Lord to bless this good man, to be near him and love him and take care of him, to guide him. During the blessing the pastor became very touched and felt of the Spirit of God. Tension was replaced with tears. Peace came. He knew he was known by name to his Father and his prayers had been heard.
   The minister thanked his new friends. Goodbyes were said, and the pastor walked back on to the same street, feeling much differently. This time he could enjoy the sunshine and the snow-covered mountains. The answer then came and he knew what he needed to do to resolve the difficulty. The burden was lifted. Once more, his faith was renewed.
   The pastor was Norman Vincent Peale; the prophet, President Spencer W. Kimball.

Judy Fraser, Did You Know . . . Hidden Treasures from Church History (Orem, Utah: Granite Publishers, 1996), 93-94.  

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