Sunday, December 4, 2016

Giving her a Mission

What was the mission call that Lula Greene received from Brigham Young?
a.                  To become the first editor of the newly formed Relief Society periodical, the Woman’s’ Exponent
b.                  To start the silk mission
c.                   To be the president of the silk mission
d.                  To be the first sister of the Temple Square Mission
Yesterday’s answer:
(C)   A carriage loaded ready to return to Jackson County, Missouri
The same generation of conformist Americans that regarded Shaker villages and Catholic nunneries with suspicion and destroyed some of them, uprooted the Mormon community with a will. They forced the Mormons out of Jackson County during the winter of 1833-34. Some backtrailed east, but most of them crowded the Missouri bottoms in wretched privation and crossed the Missouri River north into Clay County, where they were hospitably received. They were not permitted to return to Jackson County, even to settle up their business. The old settlers burned down over two hundred empty Mormon houses in the spring to finish their winter’s work. Mormons still cherish the conviction that they will eventually return to Jackson County to take up the lands of their inheritance and build up Zion to its destined glory as a world capital: for, as they believe, “the law shall go forth from Zion, and the work of the Lord from Jerusalem.” Folklore has it that long after the Mormon exodus to the Rocky Mountains Brigham Young kept one carriage in his great barn behind Eagle Gate in readiness for the expected imminent return.

William Mudler, The Mormons in American History (Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 1981), 26.

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