Friday, December 2, 2016

Norman Vincent Peale’s Request of President Spencer W. Kimball

Norman Vincent Peale
What did popular minister of his day, Norman Vincent Peale request of President Spencer W. Kimball?
a.                  To have his stride lengthened
b.                  An autographed copy of the Book of Mormon
c.                   A blessing
d.                  A mission call
Yesterday’s answer:
(D)   At the time his only son passed away
From the life of Heber Jeddy Grant:   His only son, Heber Stringham, upon whom he had built great hopes, died sometime after the death of his mother. Brother Grant is naturally an affectionate man, easily moved to tears, and quite emotional, and yet his son under these conditions, passed away without the father shedding a tear. “There was in my home a very calm, sweet, heavenly influence. Without the supporting influence of the holy Spirit.” He declares, “it would be impossible for me to undergo, almost joyfully, a scene of this kind. I felt almost a heavenly joy, notwithstanding the sorrow which had come into my life. “He explained that a dream was the cause of it. “Just a few hours before my son’s death, I dreamed his mother came for him, and after a discussion with my mother, I dreamed I had allowed her to take my son, as I felt impressed in my dream that he would be a cripple all his life, should he live, since his trouble was hip disease.” In his own life, too, he and his have been assured with faith in the promises of God. Thus, some years ago, when he was operated on for appendicitis, his wife Lucy, who as stated, is dead, visited his home and promised his wife Augusta Winter, to whom he was married May 6, 1884, that he should recover. He felt so impressed himself, and believed that he should live through the ordeal. When, therefore, after the operation the doctors said that blood poison had set in, and he could not live, neither his wife nor himself felt any alarm, but both had a perfect assurance that he should recover and their faith was not in vain.

Andrew Jenson, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia (Salt Lake City: Publishers Press, 1901) 1:151.

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