Monday, December 19, 2016

St. George’s First Catholic Mass

The first Catholic Mass in Utah was performed in 1879 in what building?
a.                  The St. George Temple
b.                  The St. George Tabernacle
c.                   The St. George Ward House
d.                  The St. George Catholic Cathedral
Yesterday’s answer:
c.   Look-out for Federal “Polyg” Marshalls
As Orderville’s [Utah] share-the-wealth policy was ideally suited to men with plural wives and large families, the town attracted far more than its share of polygamous marriages. In direct ratio, it experienced far more than it normal share of harassment by U.S.  Deputy Marshals. When government “polyg hunters” were known to be in southern Utah, it was Orderville’s custom to station a sentry on a hill above the town; this monotonous but important post commonly fell to Henry Chamberlain, then a young boy. Perching on the hilltop, day after day, the youngster would range is eyes over the landscape in search of possible travelers.
   Everyone who neared the town, either by saddle or wheel, immediately became an object of suspicion to young Henry who thereupon would warn the workers by waving a signal flag in the direction whence came the traveler. Even hay loads were duly reported as zealous deputies had been known to use even this lowly method of approaching quarry unobserved. With the lad’s signal, all wanted men would flee for safety, ofttimes to a secret room which had been incorporated into the attic during construction of the woolen factory.
   Approaching roads, fortunately, were far less heavily traveled in the 1880’s than today, otherwise Orderville’s crops would scarcely have been harvested in time for the next planting. After prolonged employment as a sentry, it was decided that Henry deserved a one-day vacation, and another boy was assigned to the post during his absence. It was on this fateful day that the deputies slipped into town unobserved and arrested John T. Covington and Thomas Chamberlain. Both were convicted of plural marriage and sentenced to terms in the Utah Penitentiary. 

Chronicles of Courage, Daughters of Utah Pioneers (Salt Lake City: Lesson Committee, 1993), V4:406-407.

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