Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Closer Study of the Extermination Order

Governor Boggs never meant for the troops to kill the Mormons after he issued the Extermination Order. He did not intend the Extermination Order to be an open invitation for the State Militia to take the law into their own hands. The 1828 Webster Dictionary defines the word exterminate to mean what?
a.                  Threaten, but don’t kill
b.                  Warn, but don’t kill
c.                   Hurt, but don’t kill
d.                  Removal from an area
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                  Food
From the journal of Mosiah Hancock:   My parents were so sick at times that we children knew not what to do. At times we children were so hungry and sick that it seemed we were destined to starve to death. One day my sister Amy and I started through the fields to see if we could find some cobs with corn on them. The first one we found had three kernels on it. My sister Amy, scanning it for a moment, said, “Mosiah, oo is sa biggest body, oo sood ave two and me one.” I had to take the two, but the next cob we found had seven kernels on it, and was much easier to divide. As hard as our lot was, we never quarreled. Sometimes when our parents were sick and could not cook greens, we ate them raw. I have pulled up grass and ate it, also basswood buds and elmbark.

Lesson Committee, Chronicles of Courage (Salt Lake City: Utah Printing Company, 1995), 6:198.

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