Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Always Sharing

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Sometimes when there is sibling rivalry it is difficult to share or do kind things for each other.  Mosiah Hancock stated that he and his sister never quarreled over what?
a.                  Food
b.                  Chores
c.                   Who’s turn it was to go to school
d.                  The only Book of Mormon in the house
Yesterday’s answer:
c.   She realized that her daughter was still alive
From the life of Maren Pederson, 1861:   As the Saints walked, little Ane became ill, and seemed to worsen with every step. Maren was allowed room in one of the wagons to make it easier to tend her daughter, but Ane grew worse. When the Indians began to threaten, a temporary camp was made, and women from the company came to help Maren with her sick child. The Indians left, and the company moved on. Ane was given a blessing but despite the blessing she died. With the Indians threatening again, there was no time to bury Ane, so she was wrapped in a blanket, put under some bushes, and the company went on. A short time later they were forced to make camp again. After dark that night Maren crept out of camp and went back to bury her baby to protect the body from the wild animals. When Maren picked up the bundle from under the bushes, she found that Ane was alive. What joy Maren felt for this miracle! With many prayers of thanksgiving and with loving care, Ane lived and grew up to be a special person. Everyone who knew her loved her and called her Aunt Ane. She nursed the sick and attended the births of over 800 babies.

Lesson Committee, Chronicles of Courage (Salt Lake City: Utah Printing Company, 1995), 6:174.

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