Sunday, January 1, 2017

Bold as a Missionary

While serving a mission, John W. Taylor, son of President Taylor, told a family they would come to know the truth through what?
a.                   The Book of Mormon
b.                  Their Preacher
c.                   Through Dreams
d.                  By letting the family let him teach them
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                   Mexico
Letters having been received by Pres. Taylor from a Dr. Rhodacanaty, residing in the City of Mexico, enquiring about the principles of the gospel, some of the Church publications were sent him as early as the autumn of 1878, and through these some fifteen or twenty Mexican citizens had come to believe the truths of the gospel, as far as they were informed, respecting them. Considering this matter the Council of Apostles called Elder Thatcher to proceed to Mexico and open the door of salvation to that nation. In company with Elder James Z. Stewart, who joined him at Chicago, and Milton G. Trejo, who joined him at New Orleans, he proceeded to the national capital, leaving Utah Oct.  26, 1879, and, talking steamer at New Orleans, crossed the Gulf of Mexico and reached Vera Cruz Nov. 14th of the same year. The party reached the City of Mexico on the evening of Saturday, Nov. 16th, and, being entire strangers, put up at the principal hotel, “The Iturbide.” They spent the following Sunday in viewing the cathedral, rebuilt by Cortez on the ruins of the great Aztec temple, and afterwards remodeled and finished A. D. 1631. They also spent a few hours at the “Zocolo,” a beautiful public garden fronting the cathedral, and enjoyed the sweet strains of an excellent military brass band. The day was as pleasant and mild as any May day in Utah. During the afternoon Dr. Platino C. Rhodacanaty, a Greek on the side of his father, but a Mexican descent from his mother, called and greeted them warmly. He was found to be a cultured and well educated gentleman. During the past few months he had published a monthly periodical called “Voz del Desierto,” advocating the principles of the gospel. [Before the year ended, Elder Thatcher baptized Dr. Rhodacanaty into the Church along with 15 others. A small branch was formed with Dr. Rhodacanaty at the head, prior to the Elders return to Utah.]

Andrew Jenson, LDS Biographical Encyclopedia (Salt Lake City: Publishers Press, 1901), 131.

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