Monday, January 30, 2017

It Sealed the Deal

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When persecution became too much to bear in the Palmyra area, what caused Joseph and Emma to go and stay in Harmony, Pennsylvania?
a.                  They were promised a scribe for the Book of Mormon translation
b.                  The town mayor guaranteed safety in Harmony
c.                   Joseph’s reconciliation to his father-in-law
d.                  Emma’s persistence to live by her parents
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                  Wash in milk
On the exodus from Utah to Alberta, Canada: It was not uncommon for the cows to become lame with cracked hooves or with gravel in them. A stopover was necessary to wash the hooves clean of gravel, fill them with tar and wrap them with gunny sacks. During these brief layovers, the women would do the necessary baking and cooking. The cattle often strayed away, and the presence of Indians near to camp kept the pioneers on guard. For bathing, a wash tub would replace the spring seat at the front of the wagons, and curtains would be drawn. On one occasion when water was scarce, the children were bathed in milk. Butter was made by fastening the jar containing the cream to the back of the wagon and “by night the jolting of the wagon had produced a nice pat of fresh butter, and the buttermilk a refreshing drink.”

A History of the Mormon Church in Canada (Lethbridge, Alberta: The Lethbridge Herald Co., 1968), 33.

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