Friday, January 27, 2017

Taking Care of His Shoes

In Mosiah Hancock’s journal, he states receiving a new pair of shoes from an Uncle in April of 1841. When would he wear the shoes?
a.                  At Church only
b.                  At school only
c.                   Cutting wood only
d.                  Saved them for his mission
Yesterday’s answer:
B.   A feather bed
From the journal of Mary Ann Chapple Warner:   On June 4, 1868, we sailed for America from Liverpool on the ship John Bright, captained by John Towart. The ship was an old one and was tossed about by he waves like a piece of driftwood. One day when the air was dense with fog, another ship rammed into us and cut a jagged hole in the side of the ship, which immediately began to fill with water. All hands were called to man the pumps; the sailors dumped all excess baggage overboard, so they said, including Mother’s prized mattresses (with the exception of one—her feather bed—which she refused to part with, saying if it went down, she would go with it). Clothing was taken and supposedly dumped overboard, but later Father discovered a sailor wearing some of his clothing. It was difficult to persuade Father not to demand its return, but the sailors were considered a bad lot and were not past helping one to fall overboard, so Father decided not to say anything about it. Mormon emigrants, of which there were about seventy-five, were kneeling in prayer and singing songs to keep up their courage. It was with much rejoicing that the leak was repaired and the voyage continued.

Lesson Committee, Chronicles of Courage (Salt Lake City: Utah Printing Company, 1995), 6:66.

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