Friday, January 13, 2017

This is the Place . . . Part Two

What indication did Charles Card receive to know where to locate the present site of Cardston?
a.                  The Prophet Joseph appeared to him and showed him the location
b.                  A dream
c.                   The Prophet Brigham Young appeared to him and showed him the location
d.                  His wife
Yesterday’s answer:
(D)   Removal from an area
Contrary to popular belief by many, among them even some Mormon historians, the governor’s “Extermination Order” was not meant to authorize and license the state militia or its citizens to openly kill or eradicate the Latter-day Saint population. Although Boggs did not like the Mormons, he was not a butcher and did not condone the unnecessary talking of human life. In a report issued to the Missouri House of Representatives, Boggs himself stated that the order and call-up of troops was issued “to prevent the effusion of blood.” Significantly, the first definition of the word exterminate as defined in Webster’s 1828 dictionary reads, “to drive from within the limits or borders.” Given this definition, the order should correctly be interpreted to read that the Mormons “Must be exterminated or [in other words]  driven from the State . . . for the public peace.” Thus, governor Boggs was calling for the removal of the Mormons by the militia, not their death sentence.
Glenn Rawson and Dennis Lyman ed., The Mormon Wars (American Fork, Utah: Covenant Communication, 2014), 71.

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