Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Three Words

John Winder’s curiosity was aroused enough when, in 1848, he found a scrap of paper on the floor that had three words written on it. These three words led to his eventual conversion. What were the three words?
a.                  Faith, repentance, baptism
b.                  Latter-day Saints
c.                   Hill Cumorah Pageant
d.                  Mutual Improvement Association
Yesterday’s answer:
(D)   Preaching to the guards
June 26, 1844: The next morning, Stephen Markham and Dan Jones spent several hours whittling the apartment’s door into repair so that it could be hung and latched properly, affording the prisoners, to their way of seeing it, a greater degree of safety. Joseph and Hyrum spent most of the time preaching to the guards. Willard Richards took notes in his official history, and John Taylor sang. Throughout the day, the prisoners heard comment that “if the law could not reach them, powered and ball would.”

Coke Newell, Latter Days (St. Martin Press, New York City: 2000), 124.

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