Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Baptized into the Church Before There was a Church

How many individuals were baptized prior to the April 6, 1830 organization of the Church?
a.                  35
b.                  2
c.                   11
d.                  23
Yesterday’s answer:
b.   Cowboys from a nearby ranch
Cardston, Alberta:   Earlier during July, 1888, the saints had spent their time putting up hay, but the grain was doing poorly for lack of rain. A special fast day was called and fervent prayers pleaded to God for rain. Some of the Cochrane cowboys were in the meeting, among them the foreman, who after the opening prayer, which emphasized the need and a plea for rain, stood up and beckoned to his companions to follow him outside. He said, “Get on your horse and hit for the ranch. We’ve got to get our hay up, for those Mormons are in there praying for rain.”

A History of the Mormon Church in Canada (Lethbridge, Alberta: The Lethbridge Herald Co., 1968), 44.

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