Thursday, February 23, 2017

It was then that he Learned of Mormonism

David Whitmer
According to the Kansas City Journal, in what year did David Whitmer learn of Mormonism?
a.                  1828
b.                  1827
c.                   1830
d.                  1829
Yesterday’s answer:
c.   The bodies of Joseph and Hyrum might have been mixed
In January 1928, with the Mississippi River chewing away at its flanks, a grandson of Joseph Smith, now presiding over “the Missouri church.” Initiated an effort to have the bodies found; modern and structurally sound coffins constructed; and a fitting monument to the martyrs erected. In the six-day process of popping exploratory holes all over the homestead hillside, the diggers first found Emma (who died  in 1879) and  then, on January 16, Joseph and Hyrum about 10 feet away. On a windy, 12 degree afternoon four days later, three new coffins were laid side by side in a concrete monument and fully memorialized by the few invited participants.
   Some in “the Utah church” were not entirely pleased with the exhumation, thinking it a desecration of a sacred site. The digging and removal may have, in fact, further damaged the skulls. Recent computer imaging and reconstruction of the death masks made in 1928 suggests the men’s graves as now marked may be reversed. But faithful Latter-day Saints, who honor Hyrum nearly as much as his younger brother, find what is in the grave to mean very little compared to what is in the record.

Coke Newell, Latter Days (St. Martin Press, New York City: 2000), 132.

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