Monday, February 13, 2017

Mailing a Letter to Lee’s Creek

If you wanted to mail a letter to Lee’s Creek [Cardston, Alberta], what province or State did you write after the town’s name?
a.                  Northern Montana
b.                  Northwest Territories
c.                   Alberta
d.                  Western Canada
Yesterday’s answer:
c.   200,000
Following the election of President James Buchanan, calls for military intervention in Utah became increasingly louder as Eastern newspaper headlines warned of “Mormon Outrages” and “Mormon Rebellion” while advocating “War with the Mormons.” In April 1857, the New York Times reported that the Mormons had “200,000 spies and agents scattered throughout the country . . . [and they are] in close alliance with 300,000 Indians upon our Western border.” Amazing claims—especially considering that in 1857 there were only 55,236 Mormons in the entire world and a sizable number lived in Great Britain.

Glenn Rawson and Dennis Lyman ed., The Mormon Wars (American Fork, Utah: Covenant Communication, 2014), 92.

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